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Thu, Mar. 2nd, 2006, 12:37 pm
x_concretegirl: Two Cockatiels for adoption

I've already tried craigslist.. thought maybe I'd find a bird lover here..

I have two Cockatiels I'd like to rehome. Their age is unknown, but they shouldn't be any older than 10. They were originally with a neglectful owner, ended up in my cousin's care (who is one of those people who should never be allowed to have animals), and then came to me. I'd keep them but I already have three of my own. I don't have the room (or the money) for two more permanent residents.

I've never been able to handle them. They get very stressed if I try to approach them. I doubt they were handled at their previous homes as well. They may never accept to be handled.. which is something potential adopters have to realize. They are lovely birds though and seem very content in their large cage with each other.

Here are a couple pictures of the birdies:

They MUST go together. They've been together for many years and will "scream" if the other one is out of sight.

There is a small adoption fee (to cover their food and medical costs) but I'm more concerned about them going to a good home.