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Tue, Nov. 15th, 2005, 08:57 am
mermaid23: Breeders Move to Ebay?

Does anyone out there besides me find this kind of odd? I really don't see how this could possibly be a *good* thing!

"eBay has now joined the ‘Breeders Club’.
If you click on a city at KIJIJI, choose animals, then breeding,
you can access a whole new network of breeders offering and
looking for studs and bitches. (all breeds of cats and dogs)
One requirement for a stud match – ‘Ladies must be healthy and in heat’.
Another listing brags that the girl ‘has had all of her vaccinations’. And yes, there are Newfs offered for sale on this site.
To be fair, there was a small sampling of legitimate breeders
listing with Championships and CKC registrations, but I’m thinking this
service is not targeting that market." Taken from Newf-L

Website here